Town of DeRuyter, New York

Emergency Preparedness


"Homeland Security Starts at Home"

- Madison County Director of Emergency Management Ted Halpin     

Message From the Town Supervisor: 

"We are fortunate to live in a relatively safe part of the world here in DeRuyter; however, the threat of an emergency situation always exists. We have experienced significant situations in recent years, especially the flash flooding incident on July 1, 2013 when the Town and Village of DeRuyter were essentially cut off from the outside world for a period of time as most roads became unsafe for travel. We also often experience unsafe road conditions during winter storm events and have experienced high-wind emergencies. While we do live in a safe area, we certainly are not immune from dangerous situations.

The Town of DeRuyter spends considerable time to ensure our preparedness so Town resources are ready and able to act in the event of any emergency. The Town's resources are not endless, however, and it is important for each and every resident to be prepared at home for these unpredictable situations.

Below you will find a link to the Madison County Office of Emergency Management site. The MCOEM site has valuable information to help you become more-prepared at home. I hope you all find this information useful." 

Madison County NY Office of Emergency Management

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