The Genevieve D. Staley Civic Center is located at 735 Utica Street, DeRuyter, NY. This beautifully restored facility is home to the Town of DeRuyter Municipal Offices, Town of DeRuyter Court, DeRuyter Free Library, DeRuyter Community Services, and a Madison County Sheriff's field office.

Following decades of deterioration, the DeRuyter Town Hall was in great need of renovation. Unfortunately, the funds necessary for the significant renovations were out of reach for the Town tax payers. This situation remained until 2007 when the late George Staley and his family generously donated the majority of the renovation costs for the DeRuyter Town Hall and Library in memory of wife and mother, Genevieve. Our Town is now extremely proud of this wonderful building. In tribute to the gift given to our community by the Staley family. the building was re-named in Genevieve's honor.

Civic Center History

Civic Center Facility Use:

If you wish to use the Civic Center facility or the Gazebo, please inquire with the Town Clerk during Office Hours.